Steel-Line sectional garage doors have long been among the most popular choices for new garage door installations from the team at Pinnacle Garage Doors.

Featuring award-winning designs which put style, function and safety at the forefront, the brand is also popular for its wide range, so you’re sure to find a style suited to your home.

As one of the most prominent features on the exterior of your home, it’s important to find a door built from the right material, colour and finish treatment to both suit your home and withstand local weather conditions.

When you choose a Steel-Line sectional door from Pinnacle Garage Doors, you get a garage door with quality features that will stand the test of time.

Style Characteristics

You can select from four profiles and textures to match the characteristics of your home. The profiles include the block-like look of Ranch or Heritage (textured finish), or the long-board traditional sectional look of Flatline or Ribline.

flatline profile, Steel-Line sectional garage door

Colour Choice

There are more than 70 Dulux Powdercoat and Colorbond colours available to choose from as well as a range of DecoWood timber-look finishes that allow you to match your garage door to other wood finishes on your home.

DecoWood options include Jarrah, Western Red Cedar, Classic Cedar and Blushed Teak. Read more about timber-look garage doors from Pinnacle Garage Doors.

Sturdy Construction and Quiet Operation

Steel-Line sectional doors have sturdy construction with heavy-duty rails to strengthen the door. Despite being a solid door, they feature quiet operation using steel hinges with composite materials such as nylon for smooth trouble-free operation.

Weather Resistant

Steel-Line sectional garage doors are resilient against wind and dust conditions with tough PVC weather seals and heavy-duty aluminium bottom rails, to help protect the contents of your garage.

The doors can withstand knocks and are extremely effective both as a deterrent and protection against storms, strong winds, and flying debris. The finishes have an increased resistance to blistering, peeling, mould and UV light.

If you’re looking for a new garage door, consider the benefits and enhance your home with a Steel-Line sectional garage door.

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Learn More About Steel-Line Sectional Garage Doors

Watch this short video (1:54) where Blair explains the features of a Steel-Line sectional door on a recent installation.


Steel-Line Sectional Door Benefits

So today, we’re looking at the Steel-Line sectional door – The benefits of the Steel-Line door as opposed to some other doors on the market.

Mainly the steel hinges. The steel hinges are much stronger. A small bit of lubrication is required every year, just to keep them lubricated and nice and quiet.

The other pro is that the large reinforcing bar on the back here, the styles here are glued in, both sides, and that stops the door from warping as well.

You also have bearings here in the wheels to make it run smoother.

The top track is nylon and that gives it a bit of a quieter closing force.

High quality, high tensile springs. And this one is fitted with a Merlin garage door motor. This is the Merlin Commander Elite. It comes with a 7-year warranty. This part here is the battery backup that has been fitted.

I’m just going to run it now to show you how quiet it can be. As you can see, it’s very quiet. It slows down at the top. On the way down it is also quiet and slows down.

The door we have here is the fine line door with blush teak. As you can see now it is slowing down. It is a lovely door.

For those that don’t know, this part here is the jam. The part at the top that covers all the spring system is the pelmet.

I’ll just step back here and have a look at this door. We’ve matched this door to their timber frames. So, the blushed teak goes really well with their faded Jarrah. Thanks for watching, hope it’s informative.

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