If you like the natural look and warmth of wood without the maintenance, a timber-look garage door from Pinnacle Garage Doors is the best way to add a touch of charm to your home’s exterior.

Built to last, the doors are manufactured from a BlueScope steel base and then coated and finished in Colorbond exterior grade paint to provide resistance to corrosion, chipping, flaking and blistering.

Inspired by Australia’s flora and fauna, two new colours have recently been added to the timber-look range – blushed teak and ashen black oak.

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Other colours in the range include classic cedar and the jarrah-look of Caoba.

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These are sure to complement a wide range of houses in Perth.

Appeal of Timber-Look Garage Doors

Among the appeal of timber-look garage doors you’ll find:

  • They really do look like timber
  • Manufactured in Australia, they are built tough to endure the extremes of Australia’s harshest weather
  • They combine the look and feel of timber with the strength and security of steel
  • They are ideal for coastal properties with marine-grade powder coating (resistant to corrosion)
  • They provide a stylish look without the price tag or extensive maintenance requirements of traditional timber
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Steel-Line Colorbond timber-look garage door in blushed teak

Consider the following benefits of timber-look garage doors for your home.

Enduring Australia’s Harshest Weather

Harsh weather conditions won’t worry Pinnacle Garage Doors’ range of BlueScope steel doors. The doors will last for years because BlueScope steel provides thermal protection in summer and winter. As timber-look garage doors are made from hardy and long-lasting materials, they have an increased resistance to blistering, peeling, mould and UV light. The durable doors are also resistant to corrosion and have the highest tolerance when it comes to resisting weather elements, such as heavy rain or strong winds.

Better Security

When it comes to security, timber-look garage doors are superior in strength to solid wooden doors. Timber-look garage doors are secure due to the strength and toughness of its steel. They can withstand knocks and are not prone to failure after long-term and heavy usage. Also, these doors are extremely effective both as a deterrent and protection against storms, strong winds, and flying debris.

Easy Maintenance

If you decide to go with timber-look garage doors, you will enjoy lower maintenance costs over time. These garage doors do not require periodic repainting to protect the steel from moisture.

Stylish Look

If your home combines a classic look with modern urban architecture, you need beautiful-looking garage doors that do the same. While they are made of steel, timber-look garage doors really do look like timber.

Other Contemporary Styles

Looking for something different? We offer a range of contemporary and custom garage door styles which combine modern materials (aluminium, steel) with traditional timber battens or timber inserts.

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Danmar Mini Orb

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