B&D timber garage door Cedarpanel is Tailor made to perfectly suit your home and is manufactured from hand selected, 15mm thick, western red cedar.

This sectional overhead door has a wood oil finish, enhancing the finish of the timber. Oil protection allows you to add a stain and match your door colour to your feature timbers.

Cedarpanel features a galvanised, steel frame, for long lasting strength, security and durability.

Cedarpanel Raised combines the classic charm of yesteryear, with the modern styling of today’s doors to provide a stunning look that will complement both traditional or contemporary home designs.

Cedarpanel Horizontal is styled from slender slats of 15mm thick, western red cedar, joined horizontally for a contemporary look.

Cedarpanel Vertical will add a unique, modern finish to your home’s aesthetics. With the natural timber slats running from top to bottom, this door will make a statement on your home.