Pinnacle Garage Doors tend to get super busy with repairs over the colder, stormier seasons. This is due to wild weather damaging customers doors, power failures shorting out their motors and people, transfixed by the weather, accidentally driving into their own garage doors. We have seen it all before. We have many years experience helping people in Perth with their winter woes and should you have an incident, we would love to take your call.

Should your door be damaged by wild weather, your insurance company may cover the cost of repairs. This could see you with panels replaced, a new motor or a even brand new door, should that tree fall right on your door. In some instances, the damage has no effect on the way in which your garage door operates. Generally,  if the damage is clearly visible, your Insurer will have your garage door repaired or replaced. We also can provide emergency make safes, should the door be posing an imminent danger to you or your family.


A handy winter tip is to have a Merlin motor installed with a backup battery pack, this means that should the power be out when you car is in the garage, you can always get in and out. Another tip is to make sure you have a weather seal on your garage door. Weather seals keep the rain, dirt, leaves and sand out of your garage. Pinnacle can fit one to the bottom rail of your garage door, or replace your old or damaged strip.

Whether you have a sectional or roller door, we have all your needs covered and would be only too happy to provide you with a obligation free quote.