Here at Pinnacle Garage Doors we like strutting our stuff, especially our doors! Garage door wind struts provide additional security and greatly reduce the effect of impact damage.

When protecting your home against extreme weather conditions, such as cyclone-induced winds, the garage door is often one of the most vulnerable parts of a building.Image result for garage door struts

If your garage door fails prematurely, it can lead to severe property and contents damage, and potentially threaten the safety of those nearby.

Occurrences of strong wind or projectile impact can cause unreinforced garage doors to buckle, pushing the door off its tracks, leading to catastrophic failure and expensive repair costs. Furthermore, debris driven by extreme wind conditions can breach door integrity causing interior damage.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, cyclones typically affect the lower west coast of Australia during the months of January to May, so there is no better time to get Pinnacle to install garage door wind struts or even a brand new cyclone-rated garage door to your premises.

Throughout past years, winds exceeding 100 km/h have been recorded in the Perth area, with that figure rising to almost 130 km/h in coastal areas like Fremantle and Rockingham.

A cyclone-rated garage door – such as B&D’s Windpanel, which can withstand wind speeds of up to 317 km/h – offers the maximum protection under the most extreme circumstances. Image result for bd windpanel

Cyclone-rated garage doors feature heavy-duty wind struts, alongside reinforced hinges, tracks and brackets, combined with strengthened stiles that encase the door’s components together to provide the highest protection against exerted forces.

Many systems feature additional bracing systems that can be manually added as necessary when high winds are imminent. These protect against blow-in and blow-out by securing the garage door to the floor, lintel and frame.

Cyclone-rated doors offer premium strength and durability, while looking like a standard garage door, yet add another level of protection to your home.

However, this level of protection might be a bit much for the average Perth household. This is where garage door wind struts provide valuable reassurance.

Wind struts stiffen sections of your door, preventing them from buckling or breaking, while still allowing the door to operate smoothly, creating a cost-effective protection solution.

Generally, one wind strut is added to each section of the door, but these can be increased in areas of extreme wind to provide necessary impact defence.

When adding multiple wind struts to your door, it is important to consider the additional weight this will create. It may be necessary to change your springs to accommodate the extra load, and this can reduce the operational life of your opener if using incorrect torsion. Wind struts can bend if a spring breaks during operation.

If you have a roller door, we can fit wind beams that provide vertical support through door-mounted brackets and interlocking base pins in the floor that can be attached manually as the need arises.

These products don’t just protect your garage and its contents against the elements, they also protect your home against unwanted intruders by adding strength and support to the door panel.

Whatever your type of garage door, our dedicated team at Pinnacle Garage Doors offers professional installation of wind struts and beams that will fit your existing setup, or we can provide a complete cyclone-rated panel that will give you peace of mind for many years to come.