I suppose when you think about your garage door at home, your mind automatically thinks about shelter for your cars, a place to store things and to somewhere you wouldn’t really want to hang out. For decades in the USA, kids, teens and hipsters, have been looking for places to jam, seeking some kind of refugee away from ‘the man,’ in there garages. Thus the phenomenon of GARAGE BANDS began.

Some of the most popular bands to date have been; The Kinks, The Ramones and who can forget Nirvana. If you want tips on how to start a Garage Band, visit this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Garage-Band



The Ramones performing at CBGB in 1976.

The Ramones 

Pinnacle Garage Doors don’t know how to play guitar or thrash a cymbal, they do however know garages, garages and all things garages. We can help you to live vicariously through your child, to help you to help them imagine your dream of them becoming a Rock Star. We can sort out your perfect garage door, custom designed or out of a brochure.

And who knows, this art form may well be headed to Perth, to a neighbourhood near you, preferably not me…