Merlin PowerAce is a superior garage door opener.

While our competitors use inferior openers in a bid to appear cheaper, we believe that Merlin’s® superior build quality will save you money in the long run.

Our best-selling sectional garage door opener, the Merlin PowerAce ($600 fully installed), outperforms comparably priced models in both features and warranty.

Compared to our competitors’ products, such as the Avanti® Euro-Lift (appx $500) or ERO’s® GDO-11 (appx $550), Merlin’s® PowerAce is sleek and inconspicuous in design, and quiet, yet fast and powerful in operation.

Each garage door opener utilises 24v DC motors, but only the PowerAce is belt-driven as standard, ensuring that the door operation will be smoother and importantly, quieter than its chain driven alternatives.

Merlin’s® PowerAce is also an energy-efficient garage door opener, saving you up to 75 percent energy consumption while on standby – that’s less than 1-watt consumption compared to Euro-Lift’s 1 watt and the GDO-11’s 2.2 watts.

Furthermore, the PowerAce utilises Merlin’s® improved remote range technology, meaning that you can open your door from further away than competitors’ models (up to 18 percent better range), reducing your wait time to get into your garage.

The PowerAce also features 16 ultra-bright LEDs that will provide better night-time illumination than the Euro-Lift’s smaller LED light panel, and require less maintenance than the GDO-11’s standard bulb.5 yr

For us at Pinnacle Garage Doors, the PowerAce’s key selling feature is the market-leading warranty. While Avanti® and ERO’s® models offer a 2-year warranty, Merlin’s® garage door opener is backed by a 5-year, 10,000 cycle warranty.

This added guarantee shows the faith that Merlin® has in its products and this is why we are proud to supply the best real value for money products for our customers.

We will fit and install a brand new Merlin® PowerAce to your garage door for only $600, saving you almost $100 on Merlin’s® installation own price, while still offering the full 5-year warranty.

We can supply and fit a range of Merlin’s® great products that are backed by their market-leading warranty of up to 7-years, so make sure that your next garage door opener provides you with the best quality product at a fantastic price:

tiltmaster® $700 – WhisperDrive® $750 – QuietDrive® $600 – Silent Drive® $700 – OVERDRIVE® $1100

Plus, we will also carry out a full garage door service during installation free of charge, saving you a further $132, and ensuring that your garage door operates like new.