At Pinnacle, we love smart garage doors and we don’t just mean aesthetically! That’s why we’re excited to showcase the new Merlin Commander.

With the integration of smart technology helping to make our everyday lives easier, you can now control your garage door from anywhere via a WiFi internet connection.

The Merlin Commander MyQ provides total peace of mind by allowing you to monitor and operate your garage door remotely.

No longer do you have to worry about whether or not you closed the garage door before leaving home, and you won’t have to go back to check, saving you valuable time and effort. Commander MyQ | Pinnacle Garage Doors Perth

For added convenience and a truly remote experience, you can operate it via the MyQ app or mymerlin website, accessible on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

The unit is compatible with almost any device operating Android, Windows or iOS systems, enabling it to suit the technology choices of your family.

The Merlin Commander MyQ will send you alerts and notifications on the status of your garage door so you can be sure that it’s open or closed as needed.

By installing the optional infrared sensors provided, you can even set your door to shut automatically after a certain length of time, secure in the knowledge that the operation will be safe even when you’ve left the garage.

Whether opening or closing, if a hazard is detected the door will automatically stop and reverse using its in-built safety measures.771anz?width=199&height=147 | Pinnacle Garage Doors Perth

Suitable for sectional or tilt design doors, the Merlin Commander will adjust its motor speed to fit your garage door and will complete its operation within 18-21 seconds. Plus, the handy ventilation mode will hold your door at any height.

The Merlin Commander MyQ even comes complete with 16 bright LEDs, allowing you to park your car and navigate the garage with ease during the night or in low light conditions.

As well as inbuilt smart technology, the Merlin Commander includes all the market-leading features typical of the Merlin range of garage door openers including:

  • Functionality – Powered by a belt-driven 24V DC motor with thermal overload protection, the Merlin Commander has a peak pulling force of 1000N allowing it to open a door weighing up to 130kg with a surface area of 20m2.
  • Reliability – Merlin products are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that the Commander maintains optimal performance for longer.
  • Quality – Merlin stand by their products, and as such, the Merlin Commander is backed by a massive 7-year warranty.

3 button keyring remote controlThe Commander also uses Merlin’s Security +2.0 remote controls. These transmitters offer secure access through multi code technology and can operate over long distances in any weather condition. They even work in areas affected by interference from other wireless devices.

Our dedicated team at Pinnacle Garage Doors can supply, fit and show you how to get the most out of a feature packed Merlin Commander MyQ opener.

So join the smart revolution today and experience the benefits of true remote access for your garage door.