This week at Pinnacle Garage Doors, we’re talking insulated garage doors.

If you use your garage as a workshop, hobby room or retreat, or particularly if it’s directly attached to your house, then a new insulated garage door is definitely an investment you should consider.

Demographically, Australians are some of the lowest consumers of insulation technology, especially in relation to insulated garage doors, wherein 80 per cent of sectional doors produced worldwide are insulated, yet we continue to opt for hollow shell, non-insulated products. But why?

The benefits of insulated garage doors include:

  • Thermal protection – against both heat and cold, which reduces heating and cooling bills
  • Noise reduction – from internal and external sound penetration (perfect for the workshop or avid drummer)
  • Quieter operation – due to reduced panel rattling
  • Improved door strength – as insulation increases rigidity and impact resistance to panels
  • Frameless construction – eliminates sharp internal edges, and areas used by pests to build nests.

While the worst of the winter temperatures should be behind us (here’s hoping!), Perth recently recorded its coldest August morning in six years, and the cold weather is set to continue.

However, door insulation also helps to keep your garage, and conversely, attached house cool during summer months, which is a bonus as Perth has recorded year-on-year increases to its average mean temperature, with the Bureau of Meteorology showing some regions equaling or exceeding their warmest on record by 2 °C and 5 °C in 2015.

As such, we at Pinnacle offer insulated garage doors to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Two of the options we provide featuring insulation include B&D’s Panelift® Icon™ and Danmar’s Thermopanel ranges.

B&D Panelift® Icon™

Fitted with B&D’s Insul-Shield ThermaSilver™ technology, the Paneliftinsul-shield2® Icon™ range uses graphite embedded expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material provides up to 20 per cent more insulation when compared to conventional EPS and is not affected by humidity.




Graphite embedded EPS reflects radiant heat through its cell structure, dissipating its effect through the layers of insulation. This also provides an effective barrier against cold and assists with trapping warm air inside the garage during cooler months.


Danmar Themopanels

Danmar’s European engineered and manufactured Thermopanels utilise fire retardant (B-2 European fire rated) high-density polyurethane (PUR) foam with built in thermal rubber seals.danmar thermal

This PUR system provides up to 30 per cent reduced thermal transmission and contains no harmful HFC, CGC or HCFCs. A full monoshell construction prevents moisture from entering the foam and stops delamination of the surface. These insulated garage doors are also rated to withstand a wind load of 171 kmph (European EN12424 Class 5) and can be fitted with optional upper and side draft seals.

While more expensive than standard doors, these insulated garage doors offer improved protection from the elements, which in turn will provide a reduction in outlay from energy costs, while providing a quiet, sturdy and attractive fascia to your property.

Our staff can help you to make an informed choice regarding the best insulation for your new garage door, so give us a call today and experience the benefits for yourself.