Garage door designs have changed significantly over the past few years in line with advancements in technology. Simple manual doors made of wood or metal are no longer the only option to keep your garage secure.

Many garage door designs now include advanced features and are made from technical materials for better security, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re thinking that this might be the year to upgrade your garage doors, let’s have a look at some of the current possibilities and design trends available.

1. Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

Many experts believe we are on the brink of a global climate crisis, and many individuals are striving to do whatever they can to make their lives and homes greener and more eco-friendly.

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when building or renovating a home – efficient insulation, well-sealed doors and windows, and modern heating and cooling systems. However, most people overlook where they could make energy savings in their garage.

Choosing an energy-efficient garage door is not only better for the planet, but it will also save you money by helping to lower your energy bills, and can increase the resale value of your home.

What makes a garage door more energy efficient?

  • Good insulation – look for a high “R value”
  • More layers of insulation – triple layer doors are the most efficient
  • Well-fitted with seals that block gaps between the door and walls
  • A garage door opener with a low-power standby mode.

2. Smart Technology

The first garage doors were manual and needed to be operated by hand. As garage doors tend to be large and heavy, this was problematic – not to mention the inconvenient when you had to get out of your car to shut the garage doors.

The first remote control garage door openers became popular in the 1970s. These electronic devices meant that homeowners could open and close their garage doors without leaving their cars.

Since then, technology has continued to improve and become more advanced. Today, you can control your garage door from an app on your smartphone. Not only can you open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world (useful for accepting parcel deliveries when you’re away from home) but you can also get security notifications and see real-time images of your garage and driveway from streaming cameras.

As your garage door is most likely the largest access point to your home it can be a security weak spot. Because of this, the enhanced security offered by smart garage door technology is a welcome and exciting advancement.

3. Garage Door Designs Using Advanced Materials

In the not-so-distant past, you’d only have two basic options when it came to choosing the material for your garage door: wood or metal. Wooden garage doors offer better insulation and look attractive, but they can be expensive and need regular maintenance. Garage doors made from steel or aluminium may dent easily, and steel is also susceptible to rust.

These days there are several more options in terms of materials, many of which offer a combination of a great look, high insulating properties, and low maintenance requirements.

Custom garage doors made from modern insulated panels such as those produced by Danmar come in a range of colours and styles (including a realistic wood grain finish), are energy-efficient, and fire-resistant.

Glass is another option that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in garage door trends. Frosted glass garage doors look stunning when combined with contemporary architecture, and let the light in while concealing the contents. Modern tough glass panels are impact-resistant, insulated and suitable for use even in areas prone to cyclones.                                                                    

4. Garage Door Designs Elsewhere in the Home

Today’s hi-tech designer garage doors are too good to only use in the garage! The trend for industrial-inspired architecture and loft-style open-plan homes makes modern garage doors the perfect solution for exterior walls, or inside as a room divider.

Insulated glass garage doors make an ideal alternative to large panel windows, and the electronic opening mechanism can be used to create cooling breezes in the summer months at the touch of a button.

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