Well, I was driving around Perth the other day, staring at random garage doors, trying to guess their brand and profile, when I came across this gentleman, Joe.

A garage door of Perth

He has two brown roller doors, both fairly old, but my goodness does he take care of them. I watched him scrub them down and clean them and I drove away in disbelief. Are there really people in Perth who care so much for there doors? I thought to myself, no, I have to go back and get a photo, just to show my boss. I got out and awkwardly introduced myself as the weird Garage Door lady and asked him if he wouldn’t mind me taking a photo.

He then went to talk about his doors and how he cares for them. He believes by looking after them they will last longer. I tried to offer him some of Pinnacles services but it seems Blair, Director of Pinnacle Garage doors, had beat me to it. Upgrading his manual doors to automated ones already. He told me that although he doesn’t need to replace the door, he wipes them in WD40 to keep them fresh and clean looking. Interesting tip, although I cannot vouch for its effectiveness.

Our friends at BnD also know a thing or two about door maintenance; check out their tips below;



Garage Doors Perth – get your kids to clean it 🙂

Do you take care of your door? Please feel free to send us your story and a photo of your door to info@pinnaclegaragedoors.com.au – we would love to hear from you.