Design trend alert! The US is leading the way in bringing garage doors into the home. These big, sturdy doors that had once been used for garaging our cars and storing our clutter, are now a popular fixture inside the home.


Beautiful use of Garage Doors as windows/doors


The doors are being used inside the home by designers and architects as room dividers, separating kitchens from patios or family rooms from gardens. They also are being used as exterior walls that allow a full-room, remote-control opening to fresh air. It allows the outside to be brought inside, bringing in more natural light and helping rooms to seem grander. And demand seems to be up on using garage doors to open up home, especially with doors that are insulated, doors that use infrared blocking glass, as well as frosted panes, to keep out sun and cold.


Bring your outside inside, with the use of garage doors.

Clients perspectives of garage doors uses are changing, with them being seen as more of a decorative feature within the home, whilst remaining functional. Glass doors have long been popular with commercial clients when turning industrial buildings into loft-like offices. This has seen residential clients also opting for the ‘industrial’ look. With glass door sales increasing, homeowners are able to customise all aspects of their door, adding value to their homes. If the idea of exposing your home through glass garage doors doesn’t appeal to you, the panels can always be tinted or frosted to allow the light in, but keep prying eyes out.


No just for the garage, the views of the beach would be amazing.

Some of the benefits of using doors within the home includes boosting the amount of natural light within your home.This could lead to saving energy on electricity and keeping heating costs down. Double glazed glass panels also help significantly with increasing energy efficiency.

Pinnacle Garage Doors gives a big thumbs up to this trend and hopes to see the growth here in Australia that the US is now experiencing.