Unfortunately, Pinnacle Garage Doors Perth are not street artists, however, we can appreciate the art form.

Street art plays a key role in creating and celebrating a city’s sense of place and identity. But the act of painting art on walls is not as new as we may think. Throughout history artists have created art on walls – cave walls and city walls- to communicate their values and beliefs and to illustrate their lives.

Good street art gains the respect of other street artists and tends to remained untouched. So art on the street is effective in stopping graffiti. IN Australia, a street artist was commissioned to paint a mural on someone’s garage doors. The client called us up in despair; the tagging on his garage was out of control. Our street artist created a mural which covered both garage doors; he painted it all with a brush. Since then this client’s property hasn’t been tagged once.

Take a look at these pics – but don’t try this at home. If you do however, then decide you need a new garage door, give us a call. We can also service and repair your door as Pinnacle have been servicing Perth for many years. Need a new remote, a new door, a service or just some advice on an issue you are having, we are waiting to take your call.

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