Here at Pinnacle Garage Doors we don’t just install garage doors, we service and repair them too and that includes springs and cables.

While a shiny new garage certainly looks good, sometimes a complete replacement is not always necessary. Some companies will try to make you replace a motor or entire door system to cure the smallest problem; but we value our customers, so we’ll always explore repair options available to save you money.
review3As with any often-used mechanical device, your garage door will benefit from professional maintenance. We recommend that you have your door serviced annually in order to reduce the risks of costly repairs arising.

Common problems that we repair include:

  • Power failure
  • Motor output issues
  • Worn springs and cables
  • Damaged or broken brackets
  • Doors off tracks.

We understand that these issues can cause you inconvenience, but our team of professionals can often find a repair solution that will save you time and money, and have your door operating at optimal performance again quickly.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll examine these issues in detail, but today our focus is on springs and cables, an integral part of door operation.

If your garage door is not opening properly, your first thought might be that there is a problem with the motor, but this is not always the case. While the motor does assist in raising the door, springs and cables lift the majority of the weight, and these items are often the cause of problems that we encounter.

Tension Springs

spring1Tension springs apply rotational force to the torsion bar, which in turn, winds the lifting cables that raise the door.

If springs are worn or broken, then the motor will struggle to lift the weight of the door, putting excessive strain on the unit, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Door springs are under extreme tension due to the level of force they have to exert, and replacing these items yourself can be dangerous and requires specialised tools and knowledge to do the job safely.

Tension springs can stretch over time or snap due to the force that they are under, so should be inspected regularly to maintain efficient performance.


cablesThere are a number of different cables that serve varying purposes within your garage door. These include:

  • Lifting cables
  • Safety cables
  • Emergency release cables

Lifting cables assist with the opening and closing of the door and are used to monitor how far the door should travel. Incorrectly fitted tension cables may prevent the door from opening or closing fully and be prone to coming off the pulleys, causing the door to malfunction.

Over time, these cables can stretch under the weight of the door, causing the door to slam due to excess slack, or not open all the way. Friction from the pulleys can also cause general wear to occur, so these components need to be checked regularly.

Frayed cables should be replaced immediately as lifting integrity can be compromised, which may lead to personal injury or costly damage to the door in the event of sudden closing.

As with the springs, these cables are under extreme tension and should be replaced or adjusted by a specialist.

Safety cables are run through the tension spring to stop it from shooting off the tension bar in the event of spring breakage.

Safety cables are not always fitted as standard, but can prevent costly damage to items within the garage, such as a car, or even personal injury in the event of spring breakage; as such, we recommend having safety cables fitted to your door.

Emergency release cables are used to manually open or close the garage door in the event of motor failure. These should be in good working order and serviced regularly so that manual operation can be performed if the need arises.

So remember, as with any mechanical device, garage doors require regular servicing and maintenance.

This is especially true for springs and cables due to the forces they operate under – book a comprehensive service with one of our professionals today to maintain the performance of your garage door for the future.