Just like our service at Pinnacle Garage Doors, Merlin produces quality products that are sure to surpass your expectations.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of our best-selling Merlin products, highlighting a range of systems suitable for any automatic garage doors.

As part of the Chamberlain Group – the largest supplier of automatic garage door openers in the world – Merlin has over 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing garage door openers built to withstand Australia’s harsh environment.

Each product showcases Merlin’s passion for quality, innovation and reliability, through openers that are quiet, yet powerful and backed by market leading warranties of up to 7 years. Merlin’s products are rigorously tested to ensure safety and reliability, and are Australian Standard AS/NZS 60335-2-95 compliant.

Merlin’s range features adaptive technology for added peace of mind, including:

  • Security+2.0 – utilises multiple frequencies and encrypted, progressive code to safeguard frequency strength while minimising interference
  • Automatic Safety Reverse – stops and reverses your door if obstructed
  • Automatic Force Sensing – monitors and regulates the force necessary to open your specific door.

Compared to other available products, Merlin’s openers use up to 75% less energy – less than 1 watt of power on standby – and the remote opening transmitters have an 18% increased range for more efficient operation.

So, whether you’re after a Roller, Sectional or Tilt garage door, Merlin produces industry-leading designs suitable for all your needs that we are proud to install.

Sectional ­– PowerAce™ MT60EVO
Merlin-PowerAce-446x312The Merlin PowerAce™ is Pinnacle’s most popular sectional opener, with innovative features that offer reliability and security at an affordable price. Now with a 5-year warranty, the PowerAce™ is energy efficient, secure and importantly, quiet.

The 24v DC motor provides 600N of pulling force, capable of opening a 90kg door, to a maximum height of 3.5m, in 18 seconds and closing in 21 seconds (based on 2.3m door height).

The PowerAce™ is supplied with 2 x four channel slider transmitters, as well as a wireless wall button and features adaptive technology that includes automatic safety reverse if the door becomes obstructed and a manual release in case of emergency and is illuminated with 16 ultra-bright LEDs.

Roller – QuietDrive® MR650EVO

QuietDriveThe Merlin QuietDrive® is Pinnacle’s best-selling roller door opener, again offering incredible performance and value for money, covered by a 5-year warranty.

The QuietDrive’s® 12v DC motor supplies 500N peak pulling force, which can raise or lower a 100kg door in just 13 seconds (based on 2.3m door height), with only 4.5 drum rotations; and is one of the fastest openers offered by Merlin.

Operation is simple and efficient with 2 x three channel key ring mini-transmitters providing remote access, with a wireless wall button and 6 ultra-bright LEDs also supplied.

Tilt & Sectional – Tiltmaster® MT100EVO

TiltmasterThe Merlin Tiltmaster®, as its name suggests, is especially designed for tilt doors (variable speed functions allow for sectional doors to be powered too), offering fast and powerful performance suited for doors up to 20m2. This opener is covered by Merlin’s market leading 7-year warranty.

Powered by a 24v DC motor, the Tiltmaster® can lift 130kg doors up to a maximum height of 3.5m with its peak pulling force of 1000N. Opening operation takes 18 seconds and 21 seconds to close (based on 2.3m door height).

Like the PowerAce®, the Tiltmaster® is supplied with 2 x four channel transmitters, wireless wall button, automatic safety reverse, manual opening and is lit by 16 ultra-bright LEDs.


Give our dedicated team at Pinnacle Garage Doors a call today to discuss these or any of our other products. We guarantee that we can find the right solution to your garage door needs!