With the summer approaching, and bringing with it dust, pests, and hazards from bushfire smoke and embers, now is the perfect time to upgrade your garage door seals.

At Pinnacle Garage Doors, we supply and fit Cleverseal’s range of garage door seals, which are specifically designed to operate within the Australian climate to protect your home from an array of nuisances.

Standard door seals are often made from rubber, which is prone to environmental damage from rain, heat and sunlight, meaning that gaps can occur due to warping, swelling or splitting that may allow dust, draft, leaves, water and pests to enter your property.

Cleverseal’s Australian made door seals, available in dust, pest, storm or flame retardant brushes, feature aluminium holders fitted with varying lengths of bristle brushes that can fit any type of residential or commercial garage door, whether it’s a sectional, roller or tilt design.

door sealA complete Cleverseal system will ensure that your garage contents are protected from dust, rain, smoke, pollen, coastal corrosion, rodents, insects and bushfire embers; and these systems will save you time and effort from removing dirt and invasive pests, as well as reducing energy costs by providing increased insulation, with air movement reduced by 96 per cent around your garage.

To provide maximum protection, Cleverseal door seals can be fitted to all edges of your garage door, with side seal carriers fitted to the top and sides of the frame to provide an effective garage door sealing system.


If you suffer with off-level flocobraors, then Cleverseal’s Cobra base door seals are available in three different models designed to fit tapering gaps to provide a close-fitting seal that other products fail to deliver.

The Cobra seal combines Cleverseal’s bristle brushes with a flexible blade that adjusts to contours in uneven floors.



door-dam-angle-cross-sectionCleverseal’s Door Dam threshold door seals provide a floor-mounted barrier between your garage door and the ground – acting, as the name suggests, as a mini dam – preventing water tracking and pooling inside, helping to ensure your garage and contents remain cleaner and drier.

For customers located in bushfire-zoned districts, Cleverseal’s Cinderseal offers a flame retardant brush option that will protect your garage against bushfire ember attack.

Cinderseal is the only product on the garage door seals market explicitly designed to protect against bushfire embers. Manufactured to Australian bushfire construction standards (Bushfire Attack Levels BAL12.5, BAL19, BAL29, BAL40 & FZ) with UV stabilisers, these bristles are able to withstand high temperatures.

Why spend time sweeping and cleaning your garage and contents, when Cleverseal door seals will keep out dust and dirt, allowing you to spend more free time doing the things you love while providing peace of mind against damage from the elements?

Our team at Pinnacle Garage Doors can assist you in making the right choice for your garage door seals and remove the hassle of correctly fitting these products, so give us a call today.