This week at Pinnacle Garage Doors, we’ll be taking a look at how you can add street appeal, value, and security to your property with a B&D garage door from their stunning Panelift® Icon™ range.

Your garage door is one of the most eye-catching features of your property. As such, choosing the right product is crucial to maximising the value of your house, and is sure to have all the neighbours talking for all the right reasons.

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At Pinnacle, we offer a wide range of doors that are customisable to fit your needs, but B&D have proven to be one of our most popular sellers due to their reliability and quality, offering an extensive choice of colour finishes and aesthetic design features.

B&D are renowned for their innovation and ingenuity, having been industry leaders in garage door design and manufacture since their 1956 inception. From humble beginnings in Sydney, the B&D brand has become an Australian icon that leads the field through continued advancement in design and functionality, with products that are long lasting, hard-wearing and visually pleasing.

The Panelift® Icon™ range is manufactured using quality Colorbond® steel with reinforced panels and rolled safety edges, offering the upmost security and protection for your home and family. Glass filled polypropylene tracks ensure that your door will operate smoothly and quietly, while providing enhanced strength and durability.

Peace of mind is not only essential in regards to security offered by a garage door, but also from operational safety. As such, the Panelift® Icon™ range features the innovative B&D Pinchfree™ hinge system that stops fingers being caught in either side of the door, with in-line wheels and tracks reducing the risk of trapping a finger.

These doors have been designed and tested to operate reliably under Australian conditions, which means less time and money spent on maintenance, and are backed by B&D’s 5-year warranty. In fact, the door springs exceed Australian standards, providing a lifecycle of 20,000 springs – about 27 years if operated twice a day, every day!

While B&D doors come in a multitude of colours and styles that we can match to your property’s features, colour schemes or even outdoor settings, our most popular sellers include the Colorbond and Knotwood finishes.



These steel doors are suitable for all types of home, whether classic or modern, urban or rural, and are available in a colour that will compliment your home.




As knotwoodcedarthe name suggests, these doors are not wood! – instead they offer the durability and low maintenance afforded by steel, but with the look and feel of timber due to the high quality wood grain finish.



These are only a couple of examples from the range offered by B&D. So contact one of our friendly staff at Pinnacle Garage Doors today to find a door option suitable for you.

Our knowledgeable team can assist with matching colours and styles that will give your house the street appeal it deserves, making it stand out from the crowd.