imageDanmar custom garage doors gives you the opportunity to stand apart from your neighbours.

Your garage door doesn’t have to be the same as your neighbours. In fact, custom garage doors have taken off in Perth. Stock standard Colorbond doors are being left in the dust as Perth people opt for something a little different.

Pinnacle Garage Doors highly recommends Danmar custom garage doors. Their range is outstanding. Their doors can be sexy and sleek, or homely and quaint.

Custom doors offer a much wider range of materials and colours to choose from.

The choice of aluminium or wood, or to match the paint colour to almost anything you desire. The aluminium frames are durable, especially the Danmar doors built in truss design. This design stops sagging and the creaking noise that can occur from the aluminium being screwed together.

To find out more about Danmar custom garage door options contact us today.