Looking to add a garage door to your carport?

Adding a garage door to the front of your carport is a great way to improve security and provide extra protection from the elements for your vehicles. It can also add visual appeal to the front of your property among other benefits.

However, there are several regulations that govern the type of garage door you can have and can also determine whether your structure is considered a carport or garage under State and local government codes.

Regulations can also vary from council to council, so it’s best to check with your local council before proceeding with any changes to the structure of your garage or carport.

In general, here’s what to consider and the best garage doors for carports in Perth.

What is a Carport?

The formal definition of a carport is determined under the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes), which is a State Government planning document that applies development controls over all residential developments in Western Australia.

The R Codes define a carport as ‘a roofed structure designed to accommodate one or more motor vehicles, unenclosed except to the extent that it abuts a dwelling or a property boundary on one side and being without a door unless that door is visually permeable (see-through)’.

If a carport includes a solid door that is not visually permeable, it is considered a garage and different requirements apply.

What Does Visually Permeable Mean?

Visually permeable means the extent of visibility possible through a fence, door, wall or other similar materials.

In the R-Codes, volume 1 it is defined as:

In reference to a wall, gate, door, screen, or fence that the vertical surface when viewed directly from the street or other public space has:

  • continuous vertical or horizontal gaps of 50mm or greater width occupying not less than one-third of the total surface area;
  • continuous vertical or horizontal gaps less than 50mm in width, occupying at least one half of the total surface area in aggregate; or
  • a surface offering equal or lesser obstruction to view.

This means that any door put on a carport must be an open style design which ensures visibility between the carport and street is maintained. It also ensures that a street is not dominated by garage doors and preserves unobstructed views.

What Type of Garage Door Can I Put on my Carport?

If you’ve got a wide opening, you’ll likely want a sectional garage door. However, your council may also specify its preferred door type. For example, the City of Stirling prefers ‘tilt-up’ doors.

In most cases you will need to select materials such as clear or translucent acrylic or battens and panels spaced the required distance apart depending on the door design and permeability needed.

Ask our garage door technicians about the best door type and options for your home and budget.

Choosing a high-quality door that matches the aesthetic of your home and meets R Codes can maximise the security, value and appeal of your home.

Best Carport Door Designs

There’s a wide range of garage door and custom garage door designs available that are suitable for carports.

To find the best option for your home contact us for personalised advice and a quote.

However, some of the best garage doors we have installed for carports include:

Danmar Ali Batten Panel

carport1 | Pinnacle Garage Doors Perth

This design features aluminium battens fixed to a welded aluminium frame. There are also options to have acrylic or aluminium composite backing.

Danmar Perfalite and Clearlite

carport2 | Pinnacle Garage Doors Perth

The Perfalite garage door creates great airflow and allows natural light to flood the carport. This door is available in 18% or 42% perforated inserts. You can choose both the colour of the mesh and the colour of the frame to match your house.

Similarly, Clearlite garage doors feature translucent panels which allow natural light to enter. Danmar standard acrylic colours are Opal Gloss, Ice Matt, Grey Tint or Clear. See more custom designs.

Find Out More

Here’s where to find out more about regulations:

State Government R Codes

Council information:

Check your council’s website for local information about carport and garage door requirements.

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