Looking for a new roller garage door? Consider the B&D R2F installed by Pinnacle Garage Doors, one of the best roller garage doors currently available.

Although described as a light industrial roller door, its high standard of durability, performance and operational ease have made it a popular choice for both commercial and residential applications.

It’s an economical choice for many homeowners and includes features such as:

Smooth, Quiet Operation

Running strips, known as Nylofelt provide smooth, greaseless operation by minimising friction on the working surface. This delivers smooth, quiet operation without the need for lubricant.

Easy Opening

The gearing assembly is mounted inside the door roll to minimise side clearance requirements and with its no maintenance, low friction characteristics, it provides low operating effort to open and close even very large doors.

Secure Locking

There is a waist-high slide bolt lock located internally. Locks can be located on the left or right-hand sides or both sides of the roller door for added security.

As the locks are at waist height, there’s no bending required to unlock the door.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

No greasing of the door guides is required, and the axle, hubs and all other working components have either been manufactured with self-lubricating materials or greased at the factory. To reduce operational and replacement costs, curtains are easily repaired. In the case of damage, the curtain can be cut and a standard replacement section rivetted in.

Wide Range of Colours

The doors are available in a range of standard Colorbond colours including Zinaclume coated finishes.

Other Features and Benefits

Other features include a high wind rating, precision springing, consistent balance and a weather seal.

The curtain is manufactured with deep ridge channel grooves and an aluminium bottom rail with a weatherstrip. This construction:

  • Prevents penetration of moisture and dust, minimising any corrosion
  • Is strong, while providing an attractive appearance
  • Provides added protection against dirt, leaves and weather

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Learn More about the B&D R2F Roller Garage Door

Want to know more? watch this short video (1:41) where Blair discusses the R2F roller garage door features as shown on a recent installation.

Transcript: Feature Product B&D R2F Roller Garage Door

Today, we’re looking at the B&D R2F light industrial roller door.
There are two versions of this. One is made out of 0.4 steel and the other one is 0.5.

This one is the 0.4 version. It’s very good for a domestic installation. It comes with this handy slide lock, so you can close the door and lock it off with a padlock if you go away.

The tracks they have, they have welded on track lugs which we’ve secured into the wall with an 80mm plug. The benefit of these ones is that there’s less movement and it’s stronger standing up against heavy winds.

It has nice sturdy brackets and steel hubs inside there. The nylon webbing here is on both sides, inside and outside the door, making it a lot smoother when it goes up and down. Then it has a steel plate here, that goes all the way top to bottom. That stops the door from spreading, making it last longer.

This door is fitted with a Merlin Silent Drive Elite motor. This one has a seven-year warranty. It’s nice and quiet.

The difference with these doors, as opposed to some other ones is the bottom rail is very strong. On the bottom is extruded aluminium and the deep rib profile, which we have here, is definitely a lot stronger than the standard square line look.

There’s also a flat area to the front which makes it look a bit nicer than your standard roller door.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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